Cash. Card. Curl.

A smarter way to pay, designed from scratch for you and your favourite local businesses.

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Everyone on the Curl network has a unique @username, a bit like Twitter.

It's time for payments as smart as our phones.

Get more loyalty
with less hassle.

You can stop carrying those stamp cards around. Coffee stamps, discount vouchers, reward points — they're all handled for you automatically.

Try the hands-free

The best payment experience is no payment experience. You can pay in your favourite shops without lifting a finger — your phone never even needs to leave your pocket.

Get smart receipts.

Track your spending properly. Get a complete item-level record of what you've been buying, and stop wasting all that paper.

Pay @friends too.

Curl works by @usernames and instant bank transfers. You can send money @anyone on the network easily and instantly.

Out with the 50-year-old card system;
in with a proper, modern network.

No sensitive information ever needs to change hands when you pay with Curl.

You just say @who to pay and how much. Or they can ask @you to pay for something when it's a checkout.

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