iOS Engineer

At Curl our mission is to perfect the way people move their money, and that means building the best payments app in the world.

Unlike other payment apps which simply layer on top of the legacy card networks, Curl is a completely new payment network which works via @usernames and instant bank transfers.

Payment cards were never designed with the internet in mind and they have drastically over-survived as a technology. They're needlessly expensive, ridden with fraud, and limited in terms of information and connectivity.

Curl — made possible this year by Open Banking APIs — cuts this 50-year-old card tech out of the picture so that we can have payments as smart and connected as our phones.

We’re looking for an experienced iOS engineer to join us in our mission and help create the payments solution for this century.

You’ll be joining our small, cross-functional product team and taking leadership of iOS development.

The code quality is high, self-documenting, and well tested. We’re using Swift exclusively with a redux architecture and views are laid out programmatically. We're building on top of CommonCrypto and advanced device features like the Secure Enclave.

You don't need to have experience with these things; a desire to learn is more important.

You should apply if:

  • You like to delight your users, and create apps that people love.

  • You strongly dislike compromising on UX unless there’s a very good reason for it.

  • You want to make a real impact with your work, and play a key role in doing something big and challenging (like replacing the card companies).

  • You want to create an app that everyone uses all the time.

  • You have shipped apps to the app store.


  • Market-rate salaries.

  • Generous stock options.

  • Small team — so your voice is heard and your actions really matter.

  • Autonomy, flexible time, and remote working.

    • You get to determine how you work.

    • We want you to strike whatever balance you feel is right and makes you most productive.

    • Full remote is an option but local is preferred.


41 Luke St, London